16 May, 2008

A tropical paradise in Bali

In April, Bearbear and I were supposed to join Petty on a trip to Bali and Singapore, leaving Piggy behind to be looked after by my mom-in-law. But thing didn't turn out as planned. My in-law fell ill and I ended up looking after Piggy. In the end all of us stayed behind and Petty went alone on this trip as he had some business to attend to at his Singapore office.

While in Bali, Petty stayed at Hotel Padma.

According to the brochure from Hotel Padma, the hotel property is situated on Legian's legendary sunset beach just outside Kuta. It is spaciously set within a romantic garden landscape providing guests with a village-style hideaway.

Petty found his stay totally satisfying as the hotel has a number of good restaurants and the hotel staff are all very friendly and efficient. Below are some pictures taken by him during his one week stay there. To me, it's a holiday that slipped away. It could have been MY holiday too!

↑ Hotel garden sprinkled with Balinese lanterns at Hotel Padma

↑ Poolside area - it's truly a tropical paradise

↑ Walkway leading to the hotel lobby

↑ The fierce and scary looking Balinese mask

↑ Hotel lobby - what's that thingy hanging there?

↑ Hotel garden oozing with Balinese charm

↑ Fish fountain

↑Triple frogs fountain

↑ Legian beach with its big wave

It's a shame for the beach at Legian. According to Petty the water here is quite rough which makes it better to surf than to swim. Oh dear, perhaps it's a good thing I didn't make it to Bali after all (sour grapes...).