27 April, 2008

Of Porsche, Ferrari and Superwoman

My mom is a superwoman

Bearbear has just turned 5. Sometimes he totally amazes me with his words.
Overheard while Bearbear was playing Lego with his good friend Manuel.

Bearbear: Meine Mamma ist eine Superfrau. (My mom is a superwoman.)
Manuel: Wirklich? (Really?)
Bearbear: Sie kann meine ganzen Spielzeuge reparieren. (She can repair all my toys.)
Manuel: Du bist sehr gluecklich! (You're very lucky!)


↑ Bearbear's dream car - just like Sally in the movie "Cars"

One fine morning, while driving Bearbear to the day care centre, he spotted a white Porsche on the road.

Bearbear: Mama, when I'm big enough, when I've enough money, I want to buy a white Porsche.
Me: Good idea. If you can afford a Porsche, that means you're doing quite well. Mama'll be very happy. Not everyone can afford a Porsche you know.
Bearbear: Yeah, after buying the Porsche, if I still have some money left, I'll buy you a red Ferrari.
Me: Oh Bearbear you're so generous.


What do you like to watch tonight - Tom & Jerry or CNN?

While watching TV together, Bearbear started the following conversation with me.

Bearbear: Mama, do you like cartoon?
Me: Yeah. When I was a kid, I liked Micky Mouse, Donald Duck, Tom & Jerry and Woody Wodpecker. I still do actually.
Bearbear: I like all kinds of cartoon and CNN.
Me: I can understand why you like cartoon. But why CNN? It's all about news.
Bearbear: Then I know what's going on in the world.
Me: .........


While clearing Bearbear's school bag, I found a piece of paper written in broken German "Ich ha dich ser gern", accompanied by drawing of hearts and stars, signed by Melanie. Obviously it's a love letter from his little girlfriend who is 6 years old.

Me: What're you going to do with this letter?
Bearbear: I think I've to take Melanie as my wife because she likes me very much.
Me: What about Laura? I thought she liked you too....
Bearbear: Yeah, but I think Melanie likes me more than Laura does.
Me: Bearbear, you know, you don't have to take someone as a wife just because she likes you. You have to like her too.
Bearbear: I do like Melanie!
Me: OK. but you're only 5. You'll have to wait until 18 before you can think about taking someone as a wife.
Bearbear: What? 18? How many nights do I have to sleep before I become 18?
Me: Many many many.....nights my dear.



Anonymous said...

smart boy!

Anonymous said...

awww....he's so cuteeee.....I miss u guys a lot!!

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