09 February, 2009

Good Bye, Chinese New Year!

Today is the final day of Chinese new year celebration. Before it officially ends, I'd like to share with you some pics taken right before the new year in Singapore's China Town.

Dried meat - a must for Chinese new year dinner. But my Swiss mom in law finds the taste unpalatable. Well, my mom thinks the same about her cheeses.

A nation with a penchant for celebration of all sorts, Singapore is unique in that it embraces celebrations of all races.

Chinese shoppers hunting for pre-new year bargains.

For those of you who miss out the Indian's Thaipusam Festival, do head over to
Eastcoastlife. ECL has brilliantly covered this colourful event at Little India here in Singapore.

Let's now catch the last ray of Chinese new year before it fades away.

I wonder why they bother to buy plastic flowers for Chinese new year....?

New year decoration in front of a shop house.

New year ornaments - The Chinese adores red which is seen as a colour of good fortune.

Greedy kids are sampling all kinds of seeds - a must for Chinese new year.
No, you're wrong. These are not for birds.

Taiwanese goodies sold here. Mark my word, the taste is damned disgusting.

Tea house and restaurant.

Fruits, fruits and more fruits. But no durians. Bearbear was extremely disappointed.

Dear money god, I'm praying hard to you to bring good fortune to the whole wide world!


eastcoastlife said...

I covered Chinatown for CNY last year, so this year I gave it a miss.

Finally CNY is over. It was a very busy time for me. hehe...

Thanks for the mention. I hope your Mom-in-law will return for it next year.

I added you to my Valentine's Day list.

Lin said...

Oh, Angie I love your photos! It's such a treat to visit your blog!

The dried meat thing cracked me up! Is it any good?

Anonymous said...

what are those red seeds? i, too, would love to sample them all! :D

Martin MY said...

So many reds orange and pink colours, it really does light up everything. Some great shots capturing the moments that you will treasure, until next year of course when you get another chance to take more.

Mandy Southgate said...

What lovely, rich photos!

LEon said...

That some nice photos!

Monica said...

Angie! you never failed to show us beautiful pics ;-)

Monica said...

oh btw, did you go back to Tawau for CNY?

Anonymous said...

i've never seen so many blood-red sausages! haha.

the taiwanese candies look deceptively sweet, though! haha.

nurinkhairi said...

Upon looking at your photos, I think I would reconsider resizing my photos in my future posts from medium to large or extra large. Your photos look really lively!

Btw, would there be anyone wanting to eat goodies which tasted 'damned disgusting'? I won't. And my look at the bulk of quantities that they are selling.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos Angie. Love all the shots. Don't you see my ec still ?

GagayMD said...

whew! ms. angie..i really like the way you take pics..so inviting to visit those places you've taken pics..


GagayMD said...

i like most the last pic here..i do not know the name of this one..hehe..i think this one is something like a chinese icon? am i right?,,heheheh!

GagayMD said...

MS. angie, i suggest you better have another blog,,maybe a PHOTOBLOG..yeah! something like photoblog..i do not know how to call it..hehhe!you just post there all the photos you have taken..

that would be very cool..i think!


Anonymous said...

Oh, my, how I love dried meat! But hubby hates it, hehee.

You had a wonderful New Year celebration. And it was like red everywhere.

Pinay said...

Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos.Nice to know the new year singaporean traditions.Good shots!

Lee said...

Hi Angie, pop over my place. Have something for you. Lee.

Anonymous said...

Hi Angie, glad you're back and to know that you had a great vacation! Alive, vibrant photos you have, they have truly captured the colors of the CNY.

Thanks for dropping a note in my messagebox, I'll look forward to that :) Hugs!

Angie R said...

EastCoastLife: Thanks for adding me to your Valentine's Day list. Being in Singapore gave me a unique opportunity to experience Chinese new year, shall I say, the traditional Chinese way...In the past 10 years, I usually worked over Chinese new year. It's not even a public holiday in Switzerland!

Lin: This dried meat is actually super yummy. I like the Chinese sausage and flat duck. But these are strictly acquired tastes.

Maiylah: The red ones could well be watermelon seeds. The Chinese eat all kinds of seeds!

Martin: We are 'flashy' people who like 'flashy' colours like gold, red, bright yellow and orange...on the 1st day of Chinese new year we even wore RED clothes!

Emm: Hello Emm thanks for dropping by! I still owe you an interview. It's coming up soon I promise! :-)Angie

Leon: Good to see you here, AGAIN. When you want to have a break from all your 'toys', do drop by to look at my photos!

Monica: Hiyah, I did go back to Tawau for Chinese new year and I even went to stay 1 night at a man made island not far from Tawau. Will blog about it soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ángie,

Looking at ur wonderful pix's I really longed to be there n be part of all that buzz !

The dried meat r in fact sweet waxed sausages with a smokey aroma. U could add some slices into ur omelet n the combo is great. My hubby loves having some in his char kway teow or when I make a 5-spice steamed rice like the lotus wrap served in restaurants.

How does the Taiwanese candy taste like ? 3yrs back I was in Sg for CNY n bought candies so beautifully wrapped in mini mattings n glittering wrappers but they turned out to be plain jelly. It was a rip-off considering the high price we paid !

Anonymous said...

Wow! Everything looks so colourful! Well, a lot of red that is! I've tried some asian candy before and was not a fan.

Angie R said...

Miss Igorota: These Chinese sausages are super yummy! Don't be fooled by their appearance.

Nurinkhairi: Somehow, I feel, the beauty of the objects is more revealed on a big-sized photos. if I can have it my way, I may even go for 'jumbo-sized'. :-)

Jade: Your EC seems to be ok now.

Gagay: Hi Gagay! That icon is the Chinese Money God. The Chinese believes that He can bring good fortune.

Marlene: The Chinese new year red is simply adorable!

Amor: Singapore is quite unique in that it celebrates new years of all races. I must say this is the first time in my life I get to experience true Chinese new year atmosphere.

Lee: Thanks for your kindness, as always. Your Valentine gifts blowed my mind away! Cheers. :-)

mom811: Thanks for dropping by! I'm glad I still get to blog the new year on the LAST DAY of Chinese new year celebration!

Dutchie: What a wonderful surprise to have you here. In fact, I only tried one type of those Taiwanese candies and it's enough to put me off forever! It tastes of a mixture of fish and sweet. Very weird combination.

French Citizenship: Red is a symbol of good fortune. That's why you see a lot of red here. BTW, I like your blog about your life in France!

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