18 March, 2009

I've joined The First Commenter Club!

I read about Mariuca's First Commenter Club (FCC) some time ago and found it a really wonderful idea. She is a generous lady who believes in giving away free linky love to her First Commenter (FC) for any star posts that you see at her site.

It bothers me a little for not showing my appreciation for all my commenters. That's why when Mariuca came up with the idea of forming a FCC, I couldn't wait to join! The benefits are mutual. What's better than giving linky love to commenters who make the effort to stop by and comment on our blogs? It is also a great way to increase blog traffic and comments, as bloggers are more inclined to drop by our blogs to see if we have a new star post out in hope of winning the free link back that we are giving away.

As long as you see this FCC badge displayed on our sidebars, you know we are in the club and we are the generous bunch of nice people who give away linky love to our FC! If you want to join in the fun, you can drop by Mariuca's site to get the details.

First Commenter Club

The example is as below. I shall start giving linky love to my FC in my next post! So, hurry up and place your comments here. Thank you for your love!

Hot in Singapore loves


GagayMD said...

wohoooooooo! welcome to the club te angie!!!

GagayMD said...

am i the FC!?!??! wohoooooooooo!!!

GagayMD said...

te angie, i miss you!! you were silent these past days!!!

A said...

Hi Angie, welcome to the FCC! :) :)

Monica said...

Hi Angie! yay! you've finally managed to put up the FC's widget! ;-)

Mariuca said...

Awesome Angie!! Welcome to the FCC sweetie and thanks so much for your interest in the club. Now let's have some fun peeps! :):):)

Mariuca said...

Thank you for such a great post! The benefits are indeed mutual and I truly feel this is a wonderful way for us to simply say thanks to all our wonderful commenters. :):):)

Anonymous said...

Nice idea.

Bill said...

Congrats Angie welcome to the club. Now i have to watch closely so i can chop and be FC LOL

eastcoastlife said...

Welcome to the club, Angie! :)

Unknown said...

Hey Angie..
You are right...men will never quite understand us because they were not built that way.
To not understand us will always keep them trying :)or should I say coming back for more:)
We in turn are in the same position...I for one cannot understand a male's way of thinking and I stopped trying a long time ago. Now I just appreciate and respect them for who they are:)
You should get a shoutbox ...just a suggestion!

Have a fantastic day!

Unknown said...

Welcome to the club Angie!!!

Unknown said...

Its a nice concept and quite rewarding too . Anyways nice initiative .

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limo gold coast said...

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John Consulting Services said...

I first started giving out free linky love to my First Commenter (FC) for any star posts that you see here or at MPG, I did not think it would end up being so much FUN!

Anonymous said...

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