02 March, 2009

Photo Challenge Tag

Hi Monica! Thanks for tagging me for this photo challenge. Normally I don't do a lot of tags. Not because I don't want to, but because some of the tags that you guys (I mean Mariuca and Lady Java and the lot) do are just far too technically challenging for me. Luckily this photo challenge tag is damned easy!

The rule you've set for me is quite simple - just go to the 6th folder in the folder with all your photos and select the 6th photo and post it. Oh, that's piece of cake, even for me!

Voilà! here's the 6th photo from my 6th folder.

Scherrer Park in Morcote, Switzerland

The photo was taken during our weekend trip to Morcote while we were staying in Zurich. Morcote is a village on the lake of Lugano in the Italian part of Switzerland.

Scherrer Park is located on top of a hill overlooking the lake. To go up, you have to take the steps. Imagine how many steps we had to walk before reaching the top!

Not to forget - poor Petty was carrying Piggy all the way up as using baby stroller was out of the question. That's why you can tell from the photo Petty was simply exhausted after the walk!

And of course, at 6 months old, Piggy was already the size of a small sumo wrestler! Just look at the size of his head. No wonder basketball was his nickname back then. Hugo at the time was only 4 years old. My boys are my world.

I like this photo very much. It has all my favourite people in it. I have very fond memory of this trip. We drove all the way from Zurich. Then stayed at a charming small hotel located right by Lugano Lake. It was in October 2007. The weather was too cold for us to go into the pool. I remember looking at the pool from our hotel balcony, thinking: how I wish it were summer time!

Scherrer Park is a very beautifully landscaped botanical garden. It's really worth a visit when you happen to be in Morcote. Readers in Switzerland, do check out this place! If you're curious about Scherrer Park, here's the information straight out of
Morcote Tourism:

**Scherrer Park, rich with luxurious subtropical vegetation and many kinds of buildings and art, both original and copies from all over the world, were left by Mr. Scherrer's widow in 1965 to the village of Morcote with the desire to open them to the public.

This Eden, made of an impressive subtropical flora including palm trees, camellias, wisteria and oleanders, cedar and cypress trees, camphor and eucalyptus, magnolias and azaleas, orange and lemon trees, bamboo and many other kinds of fragrant plants, attracts and fascinates every visitor. The gardens are also suitable for cultural and artistic events which have always been successful.

About sixty years ago, there was a small house with a stable on the shore of the lake here, with cultivated and partly wooded hills rising behind it. At that time Arthur Scherrer acquired the house and bought plot after plot of the land surrounding it. He altered and improved the house until it became a beautiful home.
Scherrer was a romantic and a passionate gardener too. In time, he was able to create what is now called “Parco Scherrer”.

Arthur was born in St. Gall (Switzerland) on 2 November 1881. He was the eldest son of Mr. Gustav H. Scherrer, a merchant and town councillor, and he had five brothers and one sister. Scherrer went to school in St. Gall, was later educated together with other boys of respectable families from different countries at the then famous college “Institut Schmidt”.

Later he went to Lausanne to complete his study of French, and then he studied at the Textile and Weaving College in Aachen (Germany). Next he staged in Siena (Italy), where he studied Italian. He then went to North America to learn English and to receive a business education. On his return to Europe he took over his father’s cloth-trade in Munich (Germany), developing a modest “Loden”-Shop into one of the smartest fashion-houses for men. Arthur Scherrer died in 1956.

In 1965 Mrs. Scherrer donated the Park to the Commune of Morcote, on condition that it was made accessible to the public. This exclusive garden offers today a unique and marvellous background for cultural and artistic events, and with its new structural improvements it brings ever more visitors to share in Arthur Scherrer’s dreamworld.**


Leon, Maiylah, Jade, Gagay, Bill, Emm, Miss Igorota, Nurin, Marlene, PinkLady, chinkygirlmel, Kikit, *Lynne*, Vicky, Azlan and Romy! Let's play along with the photo meme tag! Have fun!


GagayMD said...


GagayMD said...

whew! am FC!

GagayMD said...

oh! actually te angie.. i was the one who tagged marzie and mon last january..and they just missed it..huhuh! here's my photo tag..

Gagay, MD:-P

Kikit said...

hi angie. thanks for the tag but i'm done with this. :) here's the link if you want to view it: http://kikitavenue.blogspot.com/2009/01/6th-in-6th.html.

Kikit said...

perfect place + special people = perfect moment. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Angie, where have you been? It took long before you updated with new posts, hehee!

It sounds very high up there in Morcote. Hubby and I were in Geneva 6 yrs ago but we never got into high mountains. Switzerland is a beautiful country and I love the view of the Alps from the city.

No one has tagged me with this so sure I'm gonna do this. Many thanks!

Lin said...

Oh, Angie--that photo made me smile! Look at those babies!!! What a lovely family you have!

Unknown said...

Beautiful place Angie and your kids they are just adorable.

I am gonna get back to you with this tag when I am done with the craziness here in the house.

Ohh we must definitely meet up before you leave okay?!

Where are you actually living here in SG - north, east, south or west;)?

GagayMD said...

whew! i love the park te angie..so inviting to visit!

Bing Yap said...

Hi Angie, thank you so much for thinking of me. I would love to join the fun but unfortunately I lost all photos/photo albums when my laptop crashed last January.

You have such a beautiful family. I love your photo.

Bing (",)

Anonymous said...

thanks, Angie!
lovely family photo ... such wonderful memories, am sure!

... am done with the tag! :)

Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful scene! I love the details you put in your stories. I would love to go to a place like this!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a lovely picture! Both the view and the subjects blend to make it just perfect! You've got handsome guys in your family, congratulations :)

And the tag, thanks a lot! You're the first one who has thought of including me in things like this! Sure, I'll dance with the music :)

Anonymous said...

The picture is a cracker!

Anonymous said...

What a nice photo of the three important men in your life.I would love to visit Switzerland someday.

Anonymous said...

What a nice photo of the three important men in your life.I would love to visit Switzerland someday.

Monica said...

Hi Angie! I'm glad you enjoyed doing this tag.. super easy, right? ;-)

Monica said...

This is such a beautiful pic!

nurinkhairi said...

I've posted mine. Thanks! :D

Angie R said...

Gagay: That's ok. I'll tag you another time....if you...don't...mind. :-) Angie

Kikit: Haih, I'm too late to tag you!

Marlene: I couldn't blog for a while because Bearbear got Salmonella and I stayed in hospital with him for a few days. So worried about him. But now after taking anti-biotics and good bacteria, he is ok. Thank God!

Lin: I love my babies!

Jade: Once you're done with your moving let's meet up!

PinkLady and Maiylah: Don't worry. I'll tag you guys again when I get the chance to do so...

French Citizenship: Melbel, sometimes I fear that my love for details (when blogging) may put people off. :-)

Romy: Thanks for doing the tag! I love spending time with my family but my hubby is an extremely busy person who doesn't have time for me!

Martin in Balgaria: My baby is damned fat right?

Amor: Goodness me, I have only men in my life. That's a bit boring.

Monica: BIG CHEERS!!!

Nurinkhairi: Thanks Nurin...I've been to your site to have a look. You've put up a very lovely photo!

GagayMD said...

Blogger Angie R said...

Gagay: That's ok. I'll tag you another time....if you...don't...mind. :-) Angie

>> sure te gie!! a pleasure to me..i really enjoy doing those tags!!!

Unknown said...

Hello Angie...
Thank you for your kind words.
I have added you to my favorites blogroll..
I definitely want that first bedroom :)
I could not find a place to contact you so I felt this was just as good as a shoutbox.
Have a very positive day!

samsung printer cartridges said...

Yeah its a bit of a pain that, because although they tagged you with your name, if you didnt have a facebook account, facebook wont realise that its you they have tagged. Unfortunately this means you will have to retag yourself in every single one, which is gonna take a long time.

nec said...

How long is the way to the top of the Sherrer Parc? Where can we go after we climb there? I hope we won't need to go the same way downstairs.
We are also prooud parents of two boys :), we are thinking about not to tire them much. Are there any playgrounds in Scherrer park?


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