09 January, 2009

How can you tell you're living with little monkeys?

For those of you who have kids, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. Just right after you've tidied up the whole place, tucking away all the toys at places where you think they can't be possibly found again, oops, just as you turn you back, all these toys mysteriously reappear at places where they don't belong even though you've probably told your kids HUNDRED TIMES not to leave their toys everywhere.

Today I suddenly come to my senses - Hey, instead of getting flipping mad over a storm in a teacup, I've decided to take it like a good gentlewoman would - I just have to learn to live with the fact that I'm living with MY KIDS under the same roof! So it doesn't really matter if they leave their stuff everywhere, right?

Below are all the signs telling you that - hey, there's a monkey, or two, living here.....

Sign No 1: Bearbear's elephant watering can is forever sitting next to my herbs and stuff in the kitchen.

"Mama, I'm going to help you water your plants." He says.
"You mean, you want to splash water all over MY kitchen floor?" I say.


Sign No 2: Fridge door - this is my area for putting up shopping list, bus schedule of our condo, fogging schedule etc but Bearbear finds space here to hang up two soft toys for himself and his little brother. This is also a place where Bearbear shows off his colouring talent.

My goodness, he even puts up HIS OWN photo on the fridge door - an old photo taken when he was about one year old. I did try to remove the photo and hide it somewhere but Bearbear managed to locate it and put it back up.

"Mama, I like to see my photo on the fridge. I think it looks nice here."



Sign No 3: Bearbear's pencil (the one with a red butterfly on top) is a fixture in my study. I wonder why he's still keeping this pencil - both wings of the butterfly have long been ripped off!


Sign No 4: What's this robot doing on my bookshelf? I don't want it HERE!


Sign No 5: You'll find some creatures with tiny feet sharing your shoe rack. The pair of green crocs in the pic below belongs to baby Piggy. His shoes are slowly taking over the limited space on our shoe rack.


Sign No 6: Bearbear likes to keep his toys in the bathroom. Look, here's Ben 10 Wildmutt who constantly stares at me while I'm having a bath. Not a comfortable thought.

Bearbear likes his toys but he doesn't realise that for people who don't appreciate Ben 10 Wildmutt, it's a damned fugly looking monster!

OK. Enough of this ranting. Time to go and tidy up again.



Lin said...

One day your house will be very clean and VERY quiet as the kids grow too quickly. It's hard to remember to smile when you see these little "reminders", but try to!

Angie R said...

Lin: You're so right. Next thing we know they're young adults with girlfriends and they work far away from home. So far that we don't get to see them often enough. *sigh* *sigh*

Monica said...

colorful fridge door you have.. LOL! he's so cute :-D

Roz said...

Your photo's made me smile! With 2 young children myself, I can certainly identify!


Lee said...

Hello Angie, love your posting...and can feel your love for the kids thru your ha ha, grumblings.
While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.

What is a home without children? Quiet.

One of these days, you will look back and laugh while you hold your grandchildren and then everything starts all over again...new watering can, new pics...of grandchildren on the fridge...toys everywhere...but you will laugh, as they now bring back your days.

Thank you for dropping by and message noted and innitiated. Best regards, you have a great week, Lee.

Angie R said...

Monica: Don't be fooled by Bearbear's pretty face. He's a monster with bad temper!

Roz: Haha..you have the same mess? Welcome to motherhood! Having two is way harder than having one. I'm sure you also have to deal with the delicate issue of handling jealousy between the kids. On top of this, hubby also needs attention...*so tired*

Uncle Lee: Wow, you move so far ahead - already talking about grandchildren! You're so right. What's home without them? I can't imagine not having them, honestly. I miss them when I go on holiday without them. Oh yes, I'll email you shortly. *thanks*

Angie R said...

Roz: Your latest post 'A Home Gym for $83!" is so funny! I can relate to your " I have been trying to lose the excess weight I gained after having a baby last year...." I had mine in year 2007 and I'm still trying to get back to 45kg!
Roz, FYI - I tried to leave comment on your site but I got this message "Registration is unavailable in your location". **?!**

Anonymous said...

Hi Angie,
I love the angle you took in order to to show us some nooks and crannies of your house :) btw, even as you are exasperated with the toys everywhere, I'm sure you stop and smile, rather than frown when you see them, right? teehehee :)

Thanks for stopping by! I'll be blogrolling you, btw :)


Anonymous said...

I don't have kids yet but I am a big kid myself;) I am looking forward to having one soon.

The photo of your kid in the fridge is just adorable!

Angie R said...

Lynne: Thanks for blogrolling me! What a good idea LOL...I've done the same for you. Currently you're the ONLY one on my Blogroll so you're VERY visible! Back to your comment - yes, I had a big smile on my face when taking the above pics for this post. That says it all, right?

Jade: Thanks for being a follower of my blog! I've also subcribed to be a follower of your blog as you've interesting stories to tell and more over you're also an expat wife who happens to live in SG! What a coincidence! If you want babies, have them fast and early because after one baby, you'll want another and our biological clock is ticking. But then you've to consider you'll NEVER have your FREEDOM back. You see, just sometimes, I'm still crying over freedom lost.

Unknown said...

Hi Angie, you are welcome.
I am glad I found your blog too - it's nice to see someone who I can relate too. We have so many similarities. We are both asian,married,and we both used to live in Europe and now here in SG;)

So how long have you been living here? We are almost 2 years here in March.

I have thought hard about having a baby and had my worries and fears, but now I think I am ready.

I also have another site which I will try to focus more on being epxats in SG. Life of a Filipina Blogger


Anonymous said...

Angie - we had a 2 year lease too but we spoke with our landlord that we don't want to continue,it was suppose to end in May this year. They were okay with it.

Apparently you can just give them 2 months of notice. Try to talk with them ;)

Angie R said...

Hi Jade, thanks for dropping by! How wonderful that we've so much in common. We should make a point to meet up one day :-).
We've been in SG for 6 mths now. Hubby still finds it hard to adjust to life here. *sigh* Thanks for your tips on the lease. Take care, Angie

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